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  • The establishment of a virtual platform for the development of practise orientated concepts and ideas for risk management, in particular for medium-sized structured enterprises.
  • The development of a training management programme in companies "by practitioners for practical people" in company and project specific identified areas of risk
  • Development and implementation of a company specific needs profile for commercial handbooks relating to quality assurance of risk control in companies
  • Passing on user specific information in order to control risk relevant sets of facts
  • Internal IRM quality control for events offered and carried out (lectures, [in house] seminars, training, workshops) by a qualified control body (advisory board)
  • Establishment and maintenance of a intermediary function between the IRM and universities / higher education institutions and vice versa with the aim, of placing at the disposal of companies scientific orientated developments and information in a directly usable form for the management of the company
  • Training in contract drafting and contractual negotiations technique (with the use of media, e. g. video) having regard to international experiences observed in different legal and cultural circles
  • Further development of methods and tools for project management and contract administration (in particular complex industrial hardware, software contracts)
  • Continuing education in the field of "Legal English" using Solicitors
  • Building a network between the IRM, advisory board and subscribing members as well as other addressees of IRM activities in the area of risk management (e. g. via the IRM newsletter)
  • Including outside speakers and people with experience in order to realise the aims
  • Practise-orientated publications, for example, their effect on risk management


The following workshops are at the IRM's disposal and were held in the past with great success, in particular in co-operation with the Chamber of Commerces in Germany:

  1. Workshop Risk Management: Delivery and industrial plants in Germany and abroad
  2. The International Sale of Goods according to the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
  3. Liability Risks of Shareholders of a German Limited Liability Company
  4. Liability Risks of Managing Directors of a German Limited Liability Company
  5. European Law
  6. Decisions for potential investors in the selection of a capital investment in the area of real estate
  7. Legal successor of a medium-sized company
  8. International Joint Ventures
  9. Structure and norms in Europe: What affects the handicraft business
  10. E-Com (B2B, B2C): Legal Analyses and Strategies for the Introduction, Application and Development of E-Com in medium sized companies