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The Advisory Board consists of natural persons and representatives of organisations which are actively involved in the IRM's field of activities. The Advisory Board places at the disposal of the IRM scientific contributions in order to make IRM publications possible on a wide international and interdisciplinary basis. The Advisory Board is to offer its co-operation for the further development of the Institute. For this purpose, a meeting should take place at least once a year. Members of the Advisory Board should act as representatives and key persons for the development and the intensification of the planned information network. It is anticipated that through the members of the Advisory Board new important connections to other institutions and organisations will be made on a national and international basis. The Advisory Board should support the Institute in public work (e.g. representing it in front of the media and in publications).

The IRM's activity should be accompanied by a scientific orientated Advisory Board which should perform an essential contribution to assuring the quality of the IRM's activity.

This interface which is created at the same time with higher education institutions should give students who will later take on a job as a manager the possibility to learn about risk management during their education. In this way, the IRM's lectures, seminars and workshops at the university can make a valuable contribution. Specialist - Diploma work, dissertations or post-doctoral theses required for qualification as a professor - can in the context of the performance capability of the IRM in co-operation with the responsible person at the university / higher education institution be encouraged and supported.

Members of the Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Becker

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Fuchs

Prof. Dr. Ekkehart Frieling

Prof. Dr. Hans-W. Micklitz

Prof. Dr. Tibor Varady

Prof. Dr. Andreas Henrich